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Do you have health problems, such as a persistent cough or breathing issues, from smoking cigarettes? Do you have low energy or struggle to keep fit? Are you sick of quitting smoking and then just starting again 3 months later? Is it time for you to quit smoking forever?

The Facts -

The Australian Cancer Council suggests smokers make as many as 12–14 attempts to quit smoking  before they succeed.  Many people who complete the Smoke Free program at Hypnotherapy Coaching Brisbane have tried nicotine patches, laser therapy, acupuncture and even drugs such as Zyban or Champix. If you’re reading this because you’re a smoker, the chances are that you’ve tried one or more of these ways of quitting smoking. These may not worked for you and this is one of the reasons you have enquired about Smoke Free.

One reason why people often try to give up smoking and don’t succeed is because they don’t take into account that quitting smoking involves both mind and body. Successfully stopping smoking is not just about overcoming nicotine dependency, you also need to overcome both the habitual and psychological dependencies and doing so will ensure that the change in your habit patterns are both permanent and painless.

How Hypnosis Can Help You Quit: 

One theory of why hypnosis works for nicotine addiction: It provides us the ability to reframe our top-down thoughts.

When you experience stimuli that may cause a craving, the mind already has associations in place that influence the response. You feel stress. The stress triggers thoughts of smoking as a stress reliever. And you react.

Hypnosis helps you get to a frame of mind in which you alter these negative thought processes.

How? Well, during hypnosis, you following relaxation and breathing techniques to reach a trance-like state. This frame of mind is similar to daydreaming; you’re aware, but at the same time, the mind is disconnected.

While in the trance-state, your mind is much more open to suggestions. It’s detached from the critical, conscious mind – the part of the mind that’s constantly looking for reasons to stay a smoker.

Therefore, a hypnotherapist can provide you with more positive suggestions that “stick.” In other words, you’re setting up roadblocks for the automatic, top-down processes that are keeping the addiction in place. 

So when you experience a smoking trigger, the mind doesn’t automatically react – it slows down and “listens” to this new information you’ve provided.

We’re providing our minds with new, more accurate information about smoking.

Hypnotic positive suggestions  are delivered while in the trance state and change your thoughts, patterns, beliefs and values about being a Non Smoker and quitting smoking for life.

We deal with the problem at its root cause in the subconscious mind.

Research Review: Stop Smoking with Hypnosis

We’ve touched on the theory of hypnosis for quitting smoking  But we haven’t yet answered a question that’s on your mind: Can hypnosis really help you quit smoking?

Yet, the consensus seems to be that, like with any smoking cessation program, you have to want the results. Hypnotherapy is not the best option if:

  • You feel like you should quit, but really would rather not
  • You aren’t ready to quit
  • You want to quit for someone else

A 1994 study published in Psychological Reports examined hypnotherapy’s effectiveness combined with aversion therapy. In the study, 93 male and 93 female participants underwent a cessation program combining both methods. After three months, nearly 90 percent of both groups were abstaining from smoking.    

In 2001, a study published in the International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis examined the effectiveness of hypnosis and a rapid smoking protocol for cessation. The results: Of the 43 smokers who underwent treatment, 39 remained smoke-free after 6 months.

Finally, a comprehensive meta-analysis looked at more than 600 studies that examined various quitting smoking methods. More than 70,000 smokers were included in the analysis. Overall, the analysis found some compelling results for hypnosis:

  • Hypnosis was deemed two times more effective than self-care methods, like reading self-help books or quitting cold turkey
  • Hypnosis was twice as effective as nicotine replacement therapy with nicotine gum
  • Hypnosis was three times more effective than physician interventions that involved more than counseling.

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